The Problem With Modern Media: A Summary

Well, in essence, it’s this:


These days I use the BBC News website to get my news, but I used to use Yahoo! News as it was more convenient. The difference is marked:
‘Your Toddler Is Probably Unlocking Your Mobile Phone Right Now!’ vies for my attention on the right hand side of the Yahoo! News homepage, while the BBC shows features with titles like ‘Love vs. Hate’ and ‘Breaking Barriers’. You see this kind of thing increasingly throughout the internet in the form of adverts, spam and ‘news’ articles, and I think that it undermines the credibility of media on the Internet as a whole. This is why the BBC is important.

To all of these sites that put up these redundant articles I ask this: if your interest is clearly on getting more views, and not providing accurate and important information, why should we trust you to keep us informed? It’s an issue that should be addressed, if only for our sanity.