Lapin: What Pat Robertson Said

You’re probably going to find my blogging on wingnuts quite tiresome after a while: due to the lack of substance to their arguments, they tend to repeat them or copy someone else’s in the hope that repeating the same falsehood over and over again will somehow make it true. Example: Rabbi Daniel Lapin.

Wait a minute. When have we heard a wingnut coming to the false conclusion that secular humanism led to the Nazis? Why, just the other day of course, when the same basic drivel was spewing from Pat Robertson like sewage from an old pipe. And, much like the sewage, this idea is full of shit. I would be offended were I not laughing at the stupidity, claiming that my personal philosophy caused both the Nazis and the Soviet Union. The nerve!

But if ┬ámultiple people believe it, I must respect their beliefs and so offer no criticism of them whatsoever. Because, y’know, that’s restricting their religious freedom, and that’s what the Nazis did.